Your Iveco vehicle is a valuable business asset and one that’s worth protecting with Iveco Genuine Parts. In addition to genuine Iveco parts, we also stock an extensive range of over 200 aftermarket brands. With over 500 products to suit every truck and trailer, Highway Plus delivers outstanding value without compromising quality.

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Iveco Brake Pads and Discs

The importance of the braking system.

The efficiency of your vehicle’s braking system is an essential factor in your daily work. A properly maintained braking system means better performance and increased safety. This is why it is necessary to choose only Iveco Original Replacement Parts, the only replacement parts capable of guaranteeing constant performance over time and high quality standards. With ORIGIN 100% brake discs and pads, you’ll always be on the safe side.

100% Original safety. The allies of efficient braking.

Original Iveco brake pads are in three layers and made using the highest quality materials, ensuring excellent resistance to wear. The pads, like the brake discs, are subject to rigorous bench tests to measure performance, wear, resistance to vibration and resonance frequency.

Only Original brake pads, with their special composition and rigorous testing, maintain their performance over time and allow safe braking in all conditions.

See our PDF brochure to find out why you should always choose genuine.


Iveco bumper

Only Original Bumpers have passed the operational, fatigue and materials tests that qualify them as Iveco Original Parts, guaranteeing maximum safety and reliability on the road. If you ever have to do a body repair, choose Iveco components and you can be sure that your vehicle will be repaired to the same fit and finish as when you bought it.

Iveco conducts extensive and comprehensive on its bumpers including:

  • Impact resistance
  • Concentrated load strength
  • Vibration resistance
  • Structural stability
  • Behaviour at high and low temperatures and in thermal cycles
  • Resistance to chemical agents
  • Fixing bracket tightness
  • Fatigue test on open step section
  • Colour, brightness, embossing, density and hardness testing
  • Xenotest accelerated ageing test

See our PDF brochure below for details.


Iveco Filters

IVECO Genuine Filter range is your number one choice for filtration needs.

Unlike many counterfeit/inferior products, IVECO Genuine Filters:

  1. Are able to withstand wider temperature ranges from -30c to +90c
  2. Are designed and developed for use on a specific engines
  3. Designed for high mechanical strength
  4. Have a high safety margin and are easy to replace.

See our PDF brochure for details.


  IVECO Genuine Air Filters

  IVECO Daily Genuine Filters

Iveco Headlights

An enlightened choice.

Iveco original headlights guarantee lasting performance over time as they are produced by the same manufacturers that designed them. They are produced on high-tech production lines using leading-edge instruments and machinery. All the materials used have been tested and qualified with durability tests, in compliance with Iveco quality reference standards. Every production stage, from the lens modelling to the metallic composition of the reflector, is based on criteria that ensure functional and design quality of the final product.

Every headlight undergoes the following quality and safety checks:

  1. Water tightness using a pressurised air system
  2. Photometric test using an electrical vision system for positioning and adjusting the light beam


 IVECO Genuine Headlights



IVECO has selected PETRONAS LUBRICANTS as its official partner.

The co-design of lubricant formulations and the development of new engines and transmissions has ensured that Petronas Lubricants are able to provide a complete range of ORIGIN 100% products, designed specifically for the IVECO range of vehicles.

See the PDF brochure below for details.


 IVECO Genuine Oil range

Iveco Wiper Blades

Original wiper blades: 100 percent quality and visibility.

The efficiency of wiper blades is vitally important. They have to remove rain and snow perfectly from the entire surface of your windscreen, be able to withstand extreme temperatures (from -30deg to + 80deg C), the mechanical stresses of wind and the weight of snow and ice. They have to be resistant to organic and inorganic deposits and aggressive substances, be able to remove dirt and give a clear field of view in all weather conditions. All these requirements are guaranteed by Origin 100 percent Iveco wiper blades.

…The best thing is to check your blades regularly and change them straight away for original Iveco wiper blades if they’re worn or degraded. It’s a question of safety!

View our PDF brochure for details.


 IVECO Genuine Wiper Blades


after market brands
In addition to genuine Iveco parts, we also stock an extensive range of aftermarket brands including but not limited to:

  • Highway Plus
  • Fleetguard
  • Hendrickson
  • Meritor
  • Eaton
  • Donaldson
  • Hella
  • Powerdown
  • Dana
  • V.Orlandi
  • Narva
  • Truckmate
  • Gates
  • Jost
  • Horton
  • Chemtech
  • SKF
  • Lelox
  • Stemco
  • Timken
  • Versus Mirrors
  • ZF
  • BPW
  • Engel

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Floor Mats
Stunning new accessories for Daily

The release of the award-winning new Daily in Australia has been accompanied by the launch of the most comprehensive accessories range ever available for the model.

Among the accessories are products that have been specifically designed and manufactured for the Australian market including nudge bars, tow bars and acrylic products, providing owners with a broad range of accessories that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The new accessories are competitively-priced and available from the Iveco Dealer Network under four main categories: External, Internal, Electrical and Security.


The new Daily nudge bar provides additional protection on the road while also looking great. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the bar features polished stainless steel construction and fitting brackets are available for each variant of the New Daily.

For greater versatility and load carrying capacity, Iveco offers a range of towbar packages designed to fit both cab chassis and van variants.  The towbars are dynamically tested to two million cycles and conform to strict ADR regulations.

The Daily acrylic products include headlight and bonnet protectors as well as weather shield.  All three products are manufactured in Australia from UV-stable, high-quality acrylic for greater longevity.  The protectors offer excellent protection against stone chips and road debris and use existing mounting points so no permanent modification is required.  The weather shield aids air circulation in the cabin, reducing window fogging.

Owners of Daily cab chassis fitted with taller bodies can select the new roof spoiler.  The stylish yet functional spoiler increases aerodynamics leading to reduced fuel consumption.  The spoiler is solid yet lightweight and installation is a simple process.

For easier ingress and egress from the cargo area of Daily vans, Iveco is offering a side step kit that also provides additional protection against knocks to the side of the vehicle.

Other external accessories include alloy wheels and stainless steel wheel covers for the hub as well as 16” single and dual wheels.  Wrapping up the external offering is a Daily Silver decal kit allowing owners to highlight the character and design of their vehicle.


On the inside Iveco offers a number of new accessories designed to offer maximum protection.  The flooring trim is manufactured from 12mm phenolic laminate while panel trim is manufactured from 4mm propylene with an internal honeycomb structure.  The panels are also extremely resistant to humidity, chemical agents and scratches.

Inside the cabin, a number of premium seat covers are available.  Designed to provide a close fit on the seats, the microfiber covers are stylish, offer protection and the buyer can select from blue or red inserts.  Other seat cover options include the ‘Premium Silver Line’ featuring Techno Silk fabric and the ‘Transporter Line’ available in sand colour microfiber with breathable faux leather inserts.

Complementing the seat covers are matching fabric floor mats with a choice of red, blue or silver trim with double-fixing systems to ensure they remain in position.   Owners who use their Dailys on building sites can opt for a heavy duty rubber floor mat constructed  using hard-wearing plastic/rubber composite.  The liner can be removed in seconds for easy-cleaning and refitted in moments. For dashboard protection, a black fabric dash mat is also available.


Technology-focused owners of the new Daily will enjoy the ‘Full Vision’ multimedia system which includes navigation system and rear camera for increased safety.  The system features a 6.2” high resolution drag-and-drop interface.  System benefits include DVD mechanics, integrated GPS with truck navigation software, Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone audio control on screen, auxiliary inputs and USB ports and much more.

Also on offer are trailer plug adaptor and harness to ensure the trailer cabling properly mates to the van and cab chassis.


For secure storage of tools and equipment, Iveco is offering a wide range of toolboxes for the new Daily. These can be purchased in a variety of sizes and are predominantly constructed of stainless steel.  Several medium density polyethylene tool boxes are also available.

Other accessories include 25 litre stainless steel tanks, ideal for hand washing while on the work site.  For easy mounting of the toolboxes and tanks, Iveco provides a range of stainless steel mounting brackets at an additional costs.

Capping off the current Daily accessories range is an anti-theft fuel insert.  The device which is inserted into the fuel tank neck limits the amount of fuel that can be extracted while also allowing fast refuelling of up to 120 l/min.  Installation is fast and simple.


 16-IV-DAILYA-BR01 Daily Accessories Brochure Final Print LR


Riveted Brake Shoes

The Highway Plus Riveted Brake Shoe range comes with premium AF/700 Fras-Le Lining

AF700 Premium Brake Lining
AF700 delivers exceptional braking power and friction stability without sacrificing lining or drumwear. It’s crafted from friction materials proven to optimise braking performance and conforms to Australian standards listed below.

  • Meets SAE J661 and FMVSS 121 Brake Standards for 20,000 lbs. GAWR, with an AL factor of 165.
  • Asbestos-free material designed for replacement brake linings
  • Made up of inorganic fibers with medium coefficient of friction
  • Excellent resistance to fading
  • Great durability in severe working conditions
  • Excellent compatibility with brake drums
  • Applicable to all types of pneumatic brakes for trucks, trailers, buses, coaches and semi-trailers
  • Suits different types of terrain and applications with a high cost/benefit ratio

Lining Specifications:
Friction Coefficient: SAE J661 (Normal: 0.392F – Hot: 0.428F)
Specific Gravity: SAE J380 (1,91 gr/cm³) Gogan hardness: SAE J379 (23 GC)
Internal shear strength: ISO 6311 (15 N/mm²)
Compressive strength: BS 2782 (95 N/mm²)
Coefficient of wear: cm³/Kwh 0,145


 AF700 HP Brake Shoes PDF Catalogue

Highway Plus AdBlue® is a urea-based chemical reactant designed specifically for use in SCR systems to reduce NOx emissions. Highway Plus AdBlue® also meets accepted international standards for purity and composition, including ISO22241.

Available in a variety of container sizes, it is also non-toxic, non-polluting, non-flammable and does not require special handling.

Highway Plus AdBlue® meets or exceeds  performance requirements for SCR system manufacturers including Cummins®, Johnson-Matthey®, Engelhard® and Siemens®.


AdBlue® should be stored in a cool, dry, well ventilated area, out of direct sunlight. While the optimum storage temperature is up to 25°C, temporary exposure to higher temperatures has little to no impact on the quality of AdBlue®


 HP AdBlue – PDF Catalogue

 MSDS – Highway Plus AdBlue

Highway Plus
 offers two heavy duty pogo sticks for routing wires and hoses in commercial vehicles.

Chrome, 2 parts nickel, 1 part chrome for longevity, superior hardware components.

T304 Stainless steel, T304 grade steel, superior hardware components


 HP Pogo Sticks – PDF Catalogue

Highway Plus Camshaft range is now available for a huge range of applications. View the complete range using our PDF viewer.


 HP Camshafts PDF Catalogue

Our wide range of mudguards are available in a variety of colours and offer 5 year UV protection!

Made with high impact hard plastic and ribbed with anti-spray grooves.

See our PDF catalogue for our full range of Mudguards and accessories.


 HP Mudguards and Accessories – PDF Catalogue

Safety Sign
Our popular Safety Sign range covers all your requirements at ultra-competitive prices. Aluminium, banners, decals, and other metal options are available. View our full range using the PDF viewer.


 HP Safety Signs – PDF Catalogue

Suzi Coils
The Highway Plus Suzi Coil range offers a range of benefits including:

  • Resistant to kinks and weathering that affects the ability of your brakes to do their job
  • Durable assembly built with rugged materials
  • 1/2 inch NPT male fittings
  • Compliance with SAE J844 standards
  • Colour coded, red for emergency, blue for service
  • Excellent coil memory
  • Both long tail and standard options available


 HP Suzi Coils – PDF Catalogue

Highway Plus Engine Coolant is a heavy duty extended life coolant that can also be used in standard maintenance programs.

Some of the benefits of Highway Plus Engine Coolant include:

  • Extended life coolant with 500,000 kilometre or 6,000 hour service interval and 1.5 million kilometre or 20,000 hour life with good maintenance
  • Non-Nitrite formula that provides advanced liner pitting, scale and corrosion protection
  • Provides freeze protection
  • Compatible with ALL coolants
  • Meets global OEM specifications for Nitrite, Amine, Phosphates and Silicate Free formula


 HP Engine Coolant – PDF Catalogue

Slack Adjuster

The Highway Plus Slack Adjuster range offers many benefits:

  • Available in automatic or manual for a variety of applications
  • Easy to install and simple to maintain
  • Help to maintain optimum brake performance
  • Helps prevent hot brake over-adjustment
  • Maintain gap between brake shoes and drums even under extreme temperature conditions

View our PDF catalogue to see the whole range with spline size/amount, arm length, application and other technical information.


HP Slack Adjusters PDF Catalogue

Wheel Bearings

The Highway Plus Wheel Bearing range is designed to offer you a cost-effective solution for quality results and minimised downtime.

Our PDF catalogue is now available with dimensions information and part numbers.


 HP Wheel Bearings-PDF Catalogue

Air Springs
Enjoy a quieter, more comfortable ride with Highway Plus Air Springs with added benefits such as:

  • Extending the life of your truck and trailer from reduced vibration
  • Reduced wear on axle, tyre and transmission
  • Better protection for your trailer hardware such as rivets, lights and hinges
  • Compliance with TUV standards
  • Superior performance and comfort compared to traditional steel springs
  • Better protection for your cargo from shocks and vibration on the road

Our Air Spring Suspension range covers a wide variety of applications. For a complete list including diagrams, please see the PDF catalogue.


 HP Air Springs – PDF Catalogue

Highway Plus Alloy Wheels are forged for extra strength whilst maintaining light weight.

  • Some of the benefits of Highway Plus Alloy Wheels include:
  • Light weight, durable, without compromising on strength
  • Machine or mirror polished finish and visually aesthetic
  • Greater heat dispersion compared to steel variants
  • Can contribute to better handling
  • Can contribute to better mileage
  • Popular sizes to suit European and American models available with valve stems

View our whole range using the PDF document below.


Brake Hardware Kits

Highway Plus Hardware Kits provide everything you need to return your braking system to optimal working conditions.

Our range is avaiable for multiple applications and can help extend the life of your braking system whilst reducing noise.

Please use the PDF viewer to view our full range.


 HP Brake HW Kits – PDF Catalogue

Our huge range of lubricants covers all your needs!

Diesel Engine Oil

HP 15W40 PLUS (CI-4)
All Fleet high performance, SAE 15W-40 engine oil for diesel engines with and without turbocharging in trucks, buses, construction, industrial machinery, utes and vans. Suitable for diesel engines complying with EURO III/IV emissions specifications, operating without DPF.

Transmission Oil

Specially formulated for extended drain intervals and increased gear life. Maximum oil service interval of 320,000 km’s is approved, provided oil condition monitoring is conducted at 80,000 km intervals.

Heavy duty transmission and final drive lubricant

Specially formulated for extended drain intervals and increased gear life. Maximum oil service interval of 400,000 km’s is approved, provided oil condition monitoring is conducted at 80,000 km intervals.

Differential Oil

HP 85W140 PLUS 
For highly stressed differentials as well as other crown-wheel and pinion gears, steering mechanisms and distributor drives in vehicles and industrial machinery.


HP EP2 PLUS Bearing Grease
A top performing multipurpose lithium bearing grease containing EP additives and agents to improve wear protection, oxidation resistance and corrosion protection. Also recommended for applications where extended greasing intervals are required.

HP LiX2 PLUS High Temp Grease
A long life multipurpose blue grease specially designed for extreme bearing applications. HP LiX2 PLUS is also suitable for a variety of automotive applications, including wheel bearing and general chassis lubrication.

View our range using the PDF viewer.


Truck Wash

Our cleaning range is concentrated to save you money!

Degreaser: Highway Plus Degreaser is a concentrated, water based, non-flammable, biodegradable degreaser that removes dirt, oil, grease and grime fast. Highway Plus Degreaser can be used for cleaning engines, lube bays, concrete floors, walls and driveways.

Truck wash: Highway Plus Truck Wash is a concentrated detergent cleaner which effectively removes dirt, mud, oil film and grime from all washable surfaces. Highway Plus Truck Wash is safe to use on painted surfaces, glass, rubber, aluminium, chrome, vinyl and tarpaulins and effectively inhibits rust and corrosion. Highway Plus Truck Wash is ideal for cleaning:

  • Trucks & general transport equipment
  • Car exterior and upholstery
  • Window and building exteriors
  • Boats and marine equipment

Wash & Wax: Highway Plus Wash & Wax is a concentrated detergent which contains a special blend of waxes which build up over time to provide a long lasting protective film on all vehicle surfaces. Highway Plus Wash & Wax is pH neurtal, free rinsing, biodegradable and contains a blend of cleaning agents that inhibit rust and corrosion. Highway Plus Wash & Wax is safe to use on any painted surface including clear-coated and modern metallic finishes on all types of vehicles, trucks, 4WDs, motorbikes, caravans, buses and boats.


 HP Cleaning Range – PDF Catalogue-1

 MSDS HP Truck Wash

 MSDS HP Degreaser

 HP Wash and Wax

Brake Chambers
Highway Plus offers high quality commercial-grade brake chambers designed to provide long-lasting and dependable operation for service, parking or emergency brake applications.

Some of the benefits of Highway Plus Brake Chambers include:

  • Rugged construction
  • Designed for easy installation
  • Competitive prices
  • SAEJ1469 compliant

See PDF for full range, product images and details.


 HP Brake Chambers – PDF Catalogue

Brake Drums
The Highway Plus Brake Drum range includes over 70 products for hundreds of applications. To view a selection of our range, see our PDF catalogue.


 PDF Brochure – Highway Plus Brake Drums


Iveco Logistics
IVECO Parts Australia supports owners of IVECO Trucks and the Australian Commercial Vehicle industry by providing a range of efficient and innovative solutions.

Our National Parts Distribution Centre, based in St Marys, NSW, works with a nation-wide Dealer network to assist customers such as individual owner drivers, local/national fleets and independent workshops.

In addition to Origin 100% IVECO (the genuine parts brand for IVECO vehicles), we also supply hundreds of aftermarket brands for all-makes vehicles and other applications.